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Client Testimonials

100% customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal

No matter how much we say to convince you of our abilities, arguably no one can say it better than those we have already served. Below is a sampling of what some of our current and past clients have had to say about us and about the services and love we provide to our guests. We wish to thank our each client for taking the time to share their wonderful words of praise for our testimonials page. We truly enjoy boarding and grooming your family's pets and cannot wait for their next visit!

Karen and John Bender

“We have been using "Double Dog Dare You" to board our dogs for over 4 years now.  We will only use them and would not consider any place else.  We leave on vacation with complete confidence that our dogs are being pampered in a safe and happy place.  The owner is a huge dog lover, and it shows in her genuine concern and care of our pets.  We use their grooming services as well.  Andrea, our groomer, was trained in grooming show dogs and the resulting cuts reflect that in how meticulous and professional they are.  Our dogs are not only happy but beautiful as well when they return home.”

Multiple Sibling Boarding Customer – McKinney, TX


Diane Cannon

"I wanted to thank you very much for doing a fantastic job cutting Toby and Emma's hair!  They look beautiful!!!!! I don't think they have ever had such a fantastic haircut!  I hope you don't mind us returning for touch ups soon."

Grooming Customer – McKinney, TX


Carol Self

"We have had great results using Andrea's services. She has an eye for detail and made a buddy right away with our grand-dog Harley!"

Grooming Customer – McKinney, TX


Julie Nichols Forrer

"Andrea is awesome! Our poodles love her and she always does a beautiful job. They also get to run in her great yard. We LOVE her!"

Multiple Sibling Boarding and Grooming Customer – Plano, TX


Julie & Jerry Hoffman

“It has been our pleasure to have you spend time with Boss, Moose and Luke.
Knowing that we can totally trust you with our “children” and with our home, has been a great relief for us.  Your obvious love of dogs is greatly appreciated and I know the boys look forward to their time with you.  Always going above and beyond does not go unnoticed.  Thanks so much for everything and the very best of luck as your business continues to grow and prosper. ”

Multiple Sibling Boarding Customer  – McKinney, TX


Greg Moldovan

“As such I had to sell my wife that this was a good thing compared to the typical boarding at our local vet’s office.
Overall I am so pleased I did try out "Double Dog Dare You" as Mickey was in a home environment and treated special compared to being just another boarder at the vets. In addition I saved over the standard daily rate and he was groomed at a price that saved me even more!
I have continued to drop off Mickey when we travel and have become friends with Andrea. The additional side benefit is she has a wealth of knowledge and advice on some issues Mickey is having as he is getting up there in doggy years.
Thank you again and I am actively recommending "Double Dog Dare You" to my friends and family.”

Regular Boarding Customer – McKinney, TX


Future Home of another satisfied customers testimonial

Future Home of another satisfied customers testimonial


Christy Wallace

Last January I took my precious dogs to a new vet.  When I got ready to pay out, I was asked if I was in love with my groomer.  To which I replied:  “No…she’s ok and my boys seem to like her, why?”  Little did I know that I was about to find someone that we would all be ‘head over heels in love’ with….  A friend suggested that I give Andrea a call.  Come to find out, she was just about 2 miles from my house so off we went. 

Now, I have two precious miniature poodles….Tucker, 12 and Tobey, 5.  Both are wonderfully smart, happy, and very sensitive ‘humans’ in brown, curly hair.  Each has special issues with allergies and skin conditions and just overall being spoiled.  From the very first time we visited “Double Dog Dare You”, we were hooked.  Each of them came home looking much more like the awesome poodles they are.  She took the time to work carefully to restore their tails to perfection, scissor-ed their legs to perfect pantaloons, and trimmed their topknots to look just like a cap.  Their ears, which they have had numerous issues with, were clean, plucked, brushed ….  Oh my, what a find!

When it comes time for their regular groom, I can’t tell them the night before because Tobey gets so excited about going to see Andrea that he can’t sleep.  Those of you who have poodles can relate!  They are always happy to go and always happy when I pick them up.  They enjoy the opportunity to play and get spiffed up all at the same time. 

Over the months Andrea has become more like another ‘aunt’ (that special designation for precious people in their lives) than just their groomer.  I suspect that many of her other clients feel the same way because she shows them all that extra something.  Her attention to their special personalities, peculiarities, and tedious personal needs makes her one in a million.  She takes the extra time to get to know them as individuals.  Since my boys have skin issues, she always takes extra care to examine them and call my attention to any tiny little abnormality I might have missed. 

If you are in love with your pet, I ‘Double Dog Dare You’ to find any other place where he/she will get the attention they deserve.  When they ask me at the vet’s now, I can say….’I am absolutely in love with my groomer and so are my boys!!!”

Multiple Sibling Boarding and Grooming Customer – Princeton, TX

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